Cynthia Orris

Hi! My name is Cynthia Orris.

I am a freelance Web Designer and Developer located in Laveen/Phoenix, Arizona. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Web Design and Interactive Media from The Art Institute of Phoenix. I have spent the last seven years studying and strengthening my skills for conceptualizing, slicing up, and implementing designs for websites, banners, and marketing campaigns for the web. I focus on building strong designs based around HTML and CSS with emphasis on maintaining cross browser compatibility.

I always had a curious nature about technology and computers in particular. I found myself questioning things and yearning to know how things came to be and why. This is often what helps me in my coding. I take what I know to be the rules and standards and I experiment with new ways to use them. I enjoy learning new tricks and methods of applying old ones. It's the constant evolution of the web that keeps me on my toes and has me so enthralled.

- Comments - "Thank you so much Cynthia. I am delighted with your professionalism, responsiveness and creativity!"

- Crystal Littlejohn, MHSA, CMC, CSA - Geriatric Resources, LLC